Our History

Over 45 Years in Security and Fire Installation Solutions

Founded in 1977 by James Giorgio, Sr., our company has been at the forefront of the security and fire installation industry for more than four decades. The legacy of innovation and excellence in providing top-tier safety solutions has been continued by the Giorgio family. With James Giorgio, Jr. stepping in as an owner and part of the executive management in 2003, followed by Anthony Giorgio in 2007, we have not only maintained our commitment to quality but have also expanded our expertise to meet the evolving needs of modern security and fire safety.

James Giorgio, Sr., Founder


James Giorgio, Sr. founded B&G Electrical Contractors at the age of 25. Mr. Giorgio started the business as a sign maintenance business firm with his brother-in-law, Harvey Brooks (now the owner of Spectrum Signs). B&G’s first major projects include Marine Midland Bank, Newmark and Lewis, Pergament, Home Depot in Westbury, Walbaums and the WUH emergency room expansion. Under Mr. Giorgio, B&G began its first banking relationship with European American Bank. Launched out of Mr. Giorgio’s home in 1977, today B&G Industries LTD. occupies a 25,000 SF facility on Long Island and is consider one of the leading electrical and specialty contractors in New York.

Angelo Santana

Original Founding Operations Manager

Angelo Santana joined B&G five years after the business was founded. In 1990’s Mr. Santana became a partner of the company and after fulfilling many roles at B&G including Electrician, Super, Project Manager and Senior Vice President. Angelo was an integral part of B&G, and worked alongside corporate operations and utilized his 35 years of electrical experience to mentor and guild his teams for the long term growth and institutional good of B&G Industries LTD.Thank you Angelo for your unwavering commitment – You provided the bedrock of the B&G culture, and for this you will always be remembered.