Technology Services

Wireless Networking: At Pathway Systems Design we recognize that the user can no longer be restricted to a desk and a wired network connection. We realize that the user experience must go beyond the wire and outside the corporate office. We have extensive knowledge of how to make the user experience as seamless as possible. We realize that the user experience should be the same regardless of where they are. With our relationship with Cisco and Aruba Networks we can integrate the technology with the user instead of the user integrating with the technology.

Business Continuity: At Pathway Systems Design we recognize the importance of uptime and performance. We can design and implement a redundant infrastructure to minimize downtime and also increase the productivity of the end user to make sure that billing, customer care and business development is facilitated by technology and not restricted by technology. We use technology partners such as Avaya, Aruba Networks and Cisco to help facilitate our delivery of a high reliability and performance infrastructure.

Virtualization and Consolidation: Utilizing the latest technology from hardware vendors such as HP, IBM, Dell and complimented with the latest virtualization technologies of VMWare and Microsoft we can help reduce current data center space requirements, power requirments and cooling requirements.

Microsoft Messaging: Although there are many messaging platforms that we can help you with we are specialized with all versions of Microsoft Exchange. Whether you need to upgrade or insall net new we can help build the right messeging enviroment for you company.